Staff Profiles


Let us introduce you to the great teachers and other people who work here at Yellingbo Primary School


YPS20150415-30 Principal/Year 4-6 Teacher – Rick Scott

As principal Rick is the administrator of the school. Rick works with the teachers, parents and the wider school community towards improved student outcomes in learning, welfare, engagement and transitions through the school system.

Rick enjoys being able to teach in the  Year 4 – 6 classroom, allowing him to stay connected to the students.

 As Yellingbo Primary School’s leader, Rick represents the school at Yarra Valley Schools Network and Regional level. He has also had extensive involvement in DET’s Local Administrative Bureau Portal project.

“There is never a dull moment working here at Yellingbo Primary”, says Rick, “I really do enjoy it”.

YPS20150415-31Year Prep-3 Teacher – Carolyn Boyd

She loves teaching in a small school. “In fact I went to a small school myself  for most of my Primary School years”, she says. “I am proud to say that I have taught across the curriculum from Prep to Year 6, which gives me a great overview of where students need to go next, where they need to be extended or when they need extra support. I really enjoy the community feel of this school and the rural setting”.

As well as teaching in the classroom I am responsible for our C21

Engage with Asia program, Cybersafety and Cybersmart initiative across the school.

YPS20150415-29Sandy Walter

Sandy has been associated with Yellingbo Primary School for some years, she is the Asian Language and Culture teacher. She engages students in projects that are aimed at increasing students’ knowledge of Asian cultures and associated customs, celebrations and geography. Sandy’s Mandarin Chinese vocabulary is expanding and she uses this to introduce students to some simple language knowledge and ability.

Sandy also teaches phys-ed  to students in both classes on her days here, as well as being involved in our Garden to Plate program.

Office Manager – Linda Lloyd

IMG_1584Linda works on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is also responsible for First Aid and First Aid supplies.

Linda has been working in this role for a long time and she is, therefore, extremely knowledgeable about the systems we need to keep the school running on track.

Thanks to Linda, things run very smoothly in the office area.