Member Profiles

2015 Council:

President:  Fiona Pettigrew (Parent)

This is Fiona’s 3rd year as President and her second term on Council

Treasurer:  Sally Pratt (Parent)

This is Sally’s 2nd year presenting the financial reports.

Secretary : Carolyn Boyd (Staff)

This is Carolyn’s first year on Council taking minutes..

Fund Raising Committee Convener:  Jo Hardy (Parent)

Jo has joined Council this year and is up for the Fundraising job.

Buildings & Grounds Committee Convener: Dean Woolf (Parent)

This is Dean’s 2nd year as building and grounds maintenance.

Publicity Committee Convener: Anne Thomas (Parent)

This is Anne’s first year on Council and running the Publicity Committee.

Executive Officer (Principal), Convener of Education Committee:  Rick Scott (Staff)